Borne from the collective brain dumps of two creatives from Sussex, Re:wind is a brand focused on making pop culture inspired clothing and accessories for the in-joke loving, forever playful human shaped being.

Our irreverent take on any inspiration we have is facilitated by our passion for screen printing and embroidery, two skills we are lucky enough to be able to do in-house. This ensures we can produce items we can not only be extremely proud of, but that we can control both the quality and eco conscious credentials of.

We value fun, creativity and quality above all, and believe that our unusual approach to our inspirations and our passion for making things that give us the giggles really sets us apart.

If that all sounds a little corporate, please remember this is coming from two dudes who still find farts and boobs hilarious.

Yours in mirth
Darcy & Pav
Forever not serious.